These Ancient Mysterious Trees Are Older Than The Pyramids And Hold A Secret

Churchyards in Europe have a unique feature. They have the dark and mysterious yew trees, and many of them are several centuries old.

Meet The Armadillo Lizard: Planet Earth's Real-Life Mini-Dragon

The armadillo lizard is as rare as it is unique. This special combination of factors has predictably made this species threatened.

Indian Construction Worker Survives Iron Rod Going Through His Skull

Do you have any idea how much damage the human body can take? To put things into perspective, consider the case of the 21-year-old Sanjay Bahe, who got into a construction site accident that has left the internet buzzing.

21 Year Old Lands $93K Hospital Bill After Surviving Suicide Attempt

When 21-year-old legal assistant survived a suicide attempt, the worst was not over. Over the week the youngster, Oliver, spent in the hospital recovering from the injuries he got from the suicide attempt, he ended up raking up bills worth $93,000.

Bring Back Home Economics Class Because Our Kids Lack Basic Life Skills

There are a lot of complaints that what is being taught in schools is not very practical in the real world. And it’s true.

Meet Elvis Presley's Grown-Up Grandson, Who Looks Just Like His Legendary Grandfather

He may be long gone, but his music boldly lives on; and now, so does his physical form through this grandson, who looks a lot like him.

Celine Dion Says 'Leave Me Alone' After Being Body Shamed For New, Slimmer Look

World-famous songbird has had enough of people voicing their discontent with her new slimmer look.

This Restaurant Replaces Bread With Pickles For The Sandwich Of Your Dreams

Pickles are delicious vegetables. You can add them on a perfectly-prepared sandwich, pile a significant amount of it on your bugger or eat it from the jar.

Gorillas Pose For Selfie With Anti Poaching Rangers

A lot of us need to up our selfie game. But now, you can take lessons from gorillas, whose cool majestic poses have taken the Internet by storm.

Fetish Fans Can Now Get Silicone Feet With Built-In Vaginas

Silicon Wives, a company that specializes in luxury sex dolls, has come up with realistic feet with vaginas!

This Baby Got Measles Because Of Anti-Vaxers

An 8-month old baby has had such a bad case of measles that she had to be hospitalized.

Stained Clothes Might Just Mean You Have A High Level Of Intelligence

Nobody is perfect, and we all make messes from time to time.

Big Game Hunter Trampled To Death By Elephant He Was Preparing To Shoot

When Jose Monzalvez set out to shoot at a heard of elephants in Namibia, he did not imagine that he would be the one to end up dead.

Brides Will Never Have To Struggle In The Bathroom Again With Simple IKEA Bag Hack

Your wedding day should be the happiest day of your life if folk wisdom is to be trusted.

Photographer Captures Owl Looking After Duckling

Just when you think you have nature figured out, it throws another surprise right in your face.

Cops Claim That Mice Ate A Half TON of Marijuana In The Evidence Room

When over a ton of marijuana went missing from a police evidence room, some questions had to be asked and answered.

Thai Oil Rig Workers Rescue Dog Found Swimming 135 Miles Offshore

A bunch of oil rig workers who found a dog swimming 135 miles offshore in the Gulf of Thailand.

The Blue Java Banana: A 'Vanilla Ice Cream' Tasting Banana

The Blue Java banana is unique among the most incredible fruits throughout the world.

Mom Believes She Has Spotted 'Jesus' In The Flames Of Notre Dame Cathedral

It’s only a few days since a devastating fire destroyed Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, and the whole world is still grieving over the destruction of one of the famous and enormous man’s creations in history.