Canadian Couple Faces Fierce Scorn After Sharing A Kissing Photo Behind A Dead Lion They Had Just Killed

A Canadian couple faces online backlash after posting a photo of themselves kissing behind a dead lion during a hunting trip in South Africa.

Teenage Girl Knocked Unconscious In The Street After Telling A Man Who Was Following Her: ‘I’m Sorry, I’m Not Interested’

A teenage girl was punched unconscious after she told a man who was following her: “I’m sorry, I’m not interested.”

A ‘Miracle’ Dog Who Was Left Blind After Being Shot 17 Times Has Now Become An ‘Instagram Star,’ And A Qualified Therapy Dog

A miracle dog was shot 17 times and left blind by thugs has found a new lease as a therapy dog. She has now become an ‘Instagram star.’

These Denim Panties Are The Worst Idea Fashion Has Had In A Long Time, And The Internet Is Losing It

Almost everyone knows that one of the purposes of fashion is to break the rules, allowing new trends. But these ‘jeans,’ shaped like underwear, are taking thing too far.

Amazon: This Outdoor Canopy Chair With Netting Will Protect You From Bugs Bites Wherever You Go

The most unpleasing part of summer is bug bites. But now, we can enjoy the outdoors without worrying about mosquitoes, thanks to this canopy chair with netting.

A THIRD of migrants faked family relationships to get asylum during ICE pilot procedure in Texas, DNA testing reveals

A third of all those seeking asylum at the border do not have any relationship with children in custody, a rapid DNA testing done by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has revealed.

These Adorable ‘Moo Muffs’ Are Being Used By Farmers To Keep Calves Safe From Frostbite

True. Cute animals are all around us. But have you seen how adorable a calf looks in earmuffs? And this is not just an excuse to make photos of calves get more attention on social media.

Mountain Dew Will Be Releasing A Mystery Halloween Flavor In August

Are you thirsty for a Halloween treat? Mountain Dew “VooDew” Mystery flavor will be hitting shelves in August 2019.

This Dad Tweets All the Hilarious and Ridiculous Things His 4 Daughters Say, And It’s Impossible Not To Laugh At Them

Anyone who has interacted with a toddler will understand that kids can come out with some weird and incredible lines. James Breakwell decided to share on Tweeter some of the most hilarious things that are said by his four daughters.

Car Break-In Suspect Critically Injured After Being Shot By An Officers In The Bronx

A suspected car thief was shot at close range when he pressed a gun into the chest of a Bronx officer.

Over 470,000 Alien Enthusiasts Sign Up To ‘Storm Area 51,’ To Uncover The Truth

Bored by the conspiracy theories, a large group of people, all alien enthusiasts, have pledged to meet up and uncover the secrets of “Area 51.”

This Watermelon, Vodka, And Prosecco Slushie Is So Fruity And Refreshing You Could Drink Them All Day

When the weather is so warm and the humidity high, nothing is refreshing than an ice-cold slushie. And when you take a sip of this tasty and healthy watermelon slushie, it’ll definitely become your new favorite summer drink.

Amazon Will Sell You 8 Pounds Of Cereal-Grade Marshmallows

You can now buy 8 pounds of straight-up marshmallow cereal on Amazon and are still tasty as they used to be during our childhood.

Actor Gary Sinise Treats Over 1,000 Children Of Fallen US Soldiers To Disney World Trip

Gary Sinise seams like a really nice guy. Recently, he surprised these 1,000 children of fallen U.S. solders with a trip of a lifetime.

This Company Makes For You A Super Realistic Mask Replica Of Your Pet’s Head

Freak out your neighbors and your cat by getting this replica mask of your feline friend’s head.

Costco Is Now Selling Cheese Wraps That Work As Low-Carb Tortillas

Forget about lettuce wraps, these low-carb tortillas from Costco are made of cheese and are delightful cheesy ways to enjoy your favorite sandwich.

Not Cool: Another Copycat Prankster Arrested After A Video Showing Him Lick Tub Of Ice Cream Goes Viral

A second prankster has been filmed licking a tub of Blue Bell Ice Cream and sticking his finger, before putting it back in the freezer.

Adelaide Man Receives ‘Pacemaker For The Brain’ To Combat Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease

Todd Murfitt was diagnosed with Young Onset Parkinson’s disease, and within two, his symptoms had progressed so rapidly that he felt like he was walking in quicksand.

Japan Resumes To Controversial Whaling Practice After 31-Year Ban

Japanese has recently resumed commercial whaling business, and within hours after lifting of a 31-year ban, they made their first catch.

Mum's Pride At 'Still' Breastfeeding Her 4-Year-Old Son, But Critics Have Called It 'Child Abuse'

Mother revealed her sense of pride at ‘still’ breastfeeding her 4-year-old son, but critics branded it ‘child abuse.’