You Can Relax On A Hammock-Like Net Suspended Over A Cliff Out In This Colombian Hotel Room

The most exciting thing about traveling is going to unique places or doing things you’ve never done in your entire life. And Refugio La Roca Columbia is a breathtaking getaway that lets you relax on a suspended net off a cliff.

Fury Over New Nike Trainers For Women That ‘Look Like An Iron’

Social media users let off steam as Nike unveils a new women’s trainer design that resembles an "iron!."

Jessica Biel Is An Anti-Vaxxer Now (According To The Internet)

Actress Jessica Biel has been labeled an “anti-vaxxer” on social media for taking Instagram photos with an environmental activist and a vaccination opponent Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

You Can Stay In A Wine Barrel In Portugal And Drink Wine All Day

Wine lovers can now stay in a large wine barrel sounded by a working vineyard in Portugal as they enjoy a full day of drinking.

Kate Gosselin is Just an “Awful Human,” Former Publicist Says

“She wouldn’t even look me in the darn eyes!” Former publicist revealed how Kate Gosselin is just an “awful human.”

Amy Schumer Vows To Wear ‘Hospital Underwear For Life’ Following The Birth Of Son Gene

It has been more than five weeks since actress and comedian, Amy Schumer, welcomed her first son, with husband Chris Fischer, but Amy is still reaching for her "hospital underwear."

Man Builds Dream Home Over A Pond So He Can Fish From A Hole In His Living Room Floor

A man from Oklahoma build his dream home over a pond so he could fish from the comfort of his house, and everyone is fascinated by his idea.

Man Invents Glasses to Give Shorter People a Height Advantage

Short people rejoice: Inventor creates periscope glasses so you can see over tall people at gigs.

Amazon Is Selling A Hunky Pool Float To Heat Up Your Summer For Just $19

You can now get an “inflatable hunk” pool float to keep you company this summer, and you’ll be the envy of all your friends as you float around with this guy.

House Panel Passes 9/11 Victims Fund Bill A Day After Jon Stewart’s Emotional Testimony

A bill that’ll permanently ensure funding for the victims of 9/11 has been passed, on Wednesday, by the House Judiciary Committee, one day after the comedian, Jon Steward, lambasted lawmakers for failing to attend a hearing of the bill.

‘Lingerie For Men’ Actually Exists

When a Japanese male bra popped up on the internet, it left everyone in the social media amused, but confused. Do men really need a bra? The truth is that modern men enjoy wearing ‘traditional feminine’ undergarments.

Woman Stabbed Boyfriend Who Tried To Stop Her Packing Too Many Holiday Clothes

A woman stabbed her boyfriend after he tried to stop her from packing too many clothes for a holiday.

You Can Now Buy Cold Brew Gummy Bears That Have As Much Caffeine As A Shot Of Espresso

Luxury sweet brand, Sugarfina, has just released the world’s first coffee-infused gummy bears that contain as much caffeine as a shot of espresso.

90s Kids Remember Exactly How Awkward These HyperColor Shirts Really Were

During our 90s, some of the fashion choices we made were just weird. But ‘HyperColor’ shirts were absolutely the most bizarre fashion mistake of our childhood.

The Titanic II Will Set Sail In 2022 - Will You Be On Board?

A replica of the infamous ship, the Titanic II, is set to make its first voyage in 2022, and its construction has resumed after a financial crisis that delayed the $500 million projects for a couple of years.

Jack Daniels Cupcakes

In an effort to add booze to every dessert possible, here’s my recipe for whiskey-infused chocolate cupcakes.

4-Year-Old Girl Rushes Out Of McDonald’s Bathroom In Tears

Tears streamed down a 4-year-old’s face as she rushed out of MacDonald’s bathroom. Her mother saw something on her daughter’s leg that made the whole ordeal even worse.

Mom Straps Baby In Carseat And Throws Her Out Two-Story Window Seconds Before Taking Her Final Breath

It’s incredible being a mother and how motherhood changes your intuition. Your well-being will no longer come first, and your child’s safety will become a priority.

Woman Suggests That A Female Joker Would Be A Convincing Character, And Men Lose Their Minds

Every time someone mentions a female reboot of something, men will always find the need to lose their temper over the issue. Remember when they remade ‘Ghostbusters’ with a remake character, and men claimed that it ruined their childhood good times?

Human Civilization Coming To An End In 30 Years Report Finds

There’s a potential risk in the extinction of humanity in the coming three decades if urgent actions to combat climate crisis aren’t taken, a new report has warned.