Holiday Apple Pie Sangria

For most of us, we often associate apple pie with the holidays.

Jägermeister Launch Limited Edition Slayer Bottle

Jägermeister has just released a limited edition Slayer bottle to honor the legendary Slayer thrashers.

450 German Shepherds Rescued From Extreme Hoarding Situation

An extreme hoarder was found in possession of 450 German Shepherds.

Fish Pedicure Costs Woman Her Toes

Fish pedicures have been banned in some places, and for two main reasons – they are health hazards, and they are abusive to the poor creatures involved.

Scientologist’s Facilities Closed After Police Find People Held Prisoner Inside

After finding two patients who were held as prisoners, police have shut down two Scientology centers in Tennessee. The two were also being medicated against their wishes.

Girlfriend Gets Jealous Of The nu-dity In Game Of Thrones And Ban BF From Watching It

A man reveals that his girlfriend banned him from watching Game of Thrones because she’s jealous.

Endangered Baby Dolphin Dies After Tourists Yank It Out Of Ocean For Selfies

Sad news! A young dolphin died after tourists pulled it out of the ocean to take selfies with it.

These Seven Nurses Who Work At The Same Elementary School Are All Pregnant At Same Time

Seven teachers at the same elementary school are all pregnant at the same time.

A MS Christian Lawmaker Punched His Wife For Not Undressing For Sex Fast Enough

A south Mississippi state congressman has been arrested for drunkenly assaulting his wife because she was taking too long to undress for sex.

Selena Gomez Says She Will Marry Her 68-Year-Old Co-Star Bill Murray

Singer and actress, Selena Gomez, has shared a surprising announcement on Instagram after revealing her plans to marry her ‘The Dead Don’t Die’ co-star Billy Murray.

Teen Passes Away Soon After She Thought She Had A Sinus Infection

A teenager thought her consistent coughing was just a sinus infection, little did she and her father knew it was more than a simple disease.

Man Caught Masturbating Over Squatting Woman Banned From Gym For Life

A South African man has been banned for life from a gym after he was caught masturbating close to a woman doing squats.

Grumpy Cat Has Passed Away At The Age Of Seven

Instagram sensation Grumpy Cat has passed away, her owners have confirmed.

Friends Cruelly Blast Mum For Going Out With A Full Face Of Make-up Four Days After Giving Birth

A new mother hits back at critics who ‘blasted’ her for going out with a face full of make-up, four days after giving birth.

Manhunt On As Woman Tries To Abduct Four-Year Old Child From McDonald’s

A manhunt is on after a mystery woman tried snatching a 4-year-old boy from McDonald’s restaurant in Los Angeles.

Taiwan Gay Marriage: Parliament Legalises Same-Sex Unions

Taiwan becomes the first Asian country to legalize same-sex marriage following a vote on Friday, and giving gay couples the rights to marry.

Crying For Your Ex Can Help You Lose Weight, According To A Study

Science has shown that an average human being cries around 16.5 gallons of tears throughout their lifetime. But Instead of crying when hurt, people prefer hiding their emotions and feelings, or even get ashamed of them.

15-Year-Old Suing Parents Who Set Up CCTV To Stop Him Masturbating

A teenager is intending to sue his parents after they installed CCTV cameras in his bedroom and bathroom to stop him from masturbating.

Guy Arrives In Amsterdam To Discover His Airbnb Is A Shipping Container

Airbnb can be an excellent way to explore new cities during your vacation while giving you a great place to spend your night at a decent price. But sometimes what you pay for through an accommodation advert isn’t what it seems.

Koalas Are Now ‘Functionally’ Extinct

Koalas population has declined so low across Australia such that the species are now ‘functionally extinct,’ animal activists believe.