10-Yr-Old Spends Birthday In ER After Suicide Attempt – Mom Insulted By Parents Ff Daughter’s Bully

Pushed to the brink by bullies, a 10-year-old Lilly-Jo Caldcott spent her 10th birthday in the hospital bed after attempting to kill herself.

Lilly-Jo Caldcott tried committing suicide by overdosing pill she found at her home after suffering weight jibes and physical bullies at Witton Middle School in Worcestershire.

Just like any other 10-year-old girl, Lilly-Jo loved playing and meeting new friends, spending time with her family, and exploring nature.

However, Lilly-Jo suddenly began to withdraw herself from social activities and refusing to eat. Her mom knew something wasn’t right and didn’t imagine the nightmare that’d befall.

After a couple of weeks of starting school in Worcestershire, Lily-Jo began to refuse to go to school.

According to the mother, Jess Brown, Lilly-Jo admitted to her that she was having issues with another girl in school.

The bullying, both psychological and physical, got worse, and Lilly-Jo became more withdrawn.

Getting her to school was a battle as Lilly-Jo didn’t want to go to school, she was distressed, she wasn’t eating, and was making herself sick.

Her mother told Worcestershire News that she had been to the school, for 12 weeks, to try and resolve the issues, but her daughter’s condition never changed.

The mother wrote a letter addressing the school principal, describing the bullies her daughter said she was experiencing.

The mother wrote:

“She has pulled her hair, pushed her, smacked Lilly-Jo and also shut a locker door on Lilly-Jo’s head, stamped on her foot when it was broken – the list is endless. ‘Two more weeks, she would be dead.’”

On one Monday afternoon, Lilly-Jo admitted that she had taken an unspecified number of tablets, and she was rushed to the hospital.

After the checkup, the doctor advised the mother to take Lilly-Jo to A&E, after showing signs of disorientation.

Lilly-Jo spent the night before her birthday at the hospital and in the following morning, she was in a stable condition.

Her mother reported:

“I’ve got a daughter now in hospital on her birthday on different drips and being examined by mental health doctors.”

She added:

“The doctor said if we had left her two more weeks, she would be dead. I’m not going to bury my child.”

Jess took her daughter out of the school, and she’s able to talk about the ordeal.

After being notified about the bullies, the school principal reported that immediate action was taken to resolve the issue.

The principal said:

“This school takes all allegations of bullying extremely seriously, this includes racist, homophobic, gender-based, or bullying related to disabilities.”
“Our school maintains a strict anti-bullying policy.”

Jess Brown posted her daughter’s picture after the suicide attempt on Facebook. She’s warning other parents on the dangers of bullying to our society.