China's Hospitals Hid One Of The World's Darkest Secrets

With the progressing world, with every passing minute, we are advancing in technological aspects. We invent new innovative every day and the Global village as it is rightly said is crazily exciting but terrifying at the same time. But technological advancement is just one side of the story. We are upgrading in terms of horror and crime with every passing day as well. For instance, what happens inside Chinese Hospitals is enough to make you sick to your stomach, both morally and emotionally.

What happens when you get sick and can barely make it out of your bed but going to the hospital is the last thing you want to do? What happens when the place which is supposed to provide you care and boost your health becomes the place where horror drips down from its walls and that it becomes the last place where you want to be at? Well, hospitals in China have become a haunting testimony for its people there and people would rather get prone to serious health issues but step inside a Chinese hospital. Here’s why.

Chinese hospitals are robbing patients including prisoners for their organs. They inject with poison and take out whatever they can utilize out of the person’s body and leave them to rot. Doctors in China are monsters, not people because sexual assaults and harassment cases are over the top in Chinese Hospitals. Eighty-six children were abused in a hospital at Chinatown Kuala Lumpur, which is a part of South China included immigrants as well as locals as victims. A Korean Chosun Broadcasting Company in 2017 in their documentary showed how people were kept as prisoners in a basement on lockdown until doctors would come to grab them for the removal of their organs. China is extremely shady in terms of its health care facilities.

For instance, three years ago, in 2016, an exchange student from the United States of America was sent to live in Beijing, China with a host family. The female student had a history of Scarlet Fever and she would easily get an upset stomach on various occasions. She was also suspected of sharp abdominal pains. However, she had every possible medicine on her upon her arrival from the US to Beijing. During her stay, she got weirdly sick and was to be taken to a hospital nearby immediately. Her host parents accompanied her and she was taken in by the doctors upon their arrival.

To her surprising circumstances, she was to undergo a CT scan for her further examination because the IV wasn’t doing much for her. The student was highly claustrophobic; hearing these doctors who were attending her became shockingly excited whereas the nurse seemed very uncomfortable. The exchange student reported how she kept on asking what was happening when the doctors took her in for the CT scan forcefully even after her constant avoidance. They put a restraint on her and sent her in for the scan. To which the student didn’t react well and went under a traumatically fit, hit her head and passed out. She was though rescued by a nurse and Dr. Fick at the Beijing Hospital who told her that Dr. Chao who sent her in for the scan was an abnormal psychologist and used her as a subject to his theory for treating phobias through shocks. Just because Dr. Chao had close relations with the Chairman of the hospital, not much could be done under the law against him.

China portrays itself as one of the leading countries that not only works hard to provide for the world but to also be always on foot for its people. But where is the humanity in Chinese hospitals lost when they do not let the patients stay if the patient runs out of money because of their 'daily stays, daily pay’ policy? Where has the humanness in these Chinese doctors lost when usually a patient is to be given their test results within twenty-four hours but they make the poor people stay days on end and constantly rob these patients out of their assets? Where has the consideration in Chinese doctors lost? Are they heartless wrenches who are serving to get paid and not because they care?