Fetish Fans Can Now Get Silicone Feet With Built-In Vaginas

You would be baffled at what turns on some people sexually. To some, being tied down like and tortured is the ultimate turn on. Others get off sniffing women’s panties. In other words, people are different and strange, and that’s all part of life.

Today, there is one more thing proving that nature is indeed strange. Silicon Wives, a company that specializes in luxury sex dolls, has come up with realistic feet with vaginas!

These feet are 23cm in length, and they cost $199. But they look and feel like real feet.

This product is targeted at people who have a foot fetish but also have a taste for traditional feet. So, they offer the best of both worlds. The feet have been handcrafted using high-quality medical grade silicone in order to provide the most realistic sexual experience ever.

Another benefit to these feet is that they are anti-fouling.

Those who have purchased them so far seem happy with the product. There have even been comments regarding the product from those who have made a purchase.

One customer claims that the vagina is not very deep, but he does not consider that this would be a deal-breaker for those who are out to make this peculiar purchase. According to this same user, the feet are perfect, and not even the pictures do them justice.

Yet another buyer admitted to how astounding the product was once it arrived in the mail. He went on to support the company’s claim that the feet are truly realistic. According to this happy customer, the feet are very soft and sexy, and really exciting to own for a foot lover.

But if you are not into feet, then you will have other premium options to pick from out of Silicon Wive’s extensive product catalog. They even have a sex doll with legs, ass, and feet.

The company calls this particular product the Silicone Half Sex Doll with Legs, Ass and Feet. Again, this is a product that is best suited to feet lovers. Like the feet with an inbuilt vagina, this sex doll is handmade using premium medical grade silicone to offer what the company describes as an ultra-realistic sexual experience.

This half doll goes all the way, as it has a skeleton that means it can be held in various positions. It also features anti-fouling material, and the openings, according to the company, are designed to feel just like a real woman would.

Granted, buying a sex aid can be a little embarrassing. Silicon Wives understands this, which is why it packages its products in discreet unmarked packaging.