These Adorable ‘Moo Muffs’ Are Being Used By Farmers To Keep Calves Safe From Frostbite

True. Cute animals are all around us. But have you seen how adorable a  calf looks in earmuffs? And this is not just an excuse to make photos  of calves get more attention on social media.

If there is one thing we know, it’s that cows can handle the outdoors pretty well.

But cold harsh weather is a force to be reckoned with, even for these adorable domestic animals, especially the calves.

These  cute and fragile animals need to stay cozy and warm. And let’s face it,  they don’t have it as good as we humans do. I mean, we can wrap scarves around our necks, wear mittens, put on hats, and so forth to stay warm  and comfortable even when it’s freezing cold outside.

Some of us even get on a plane and take off to warmer and more welcoming environments until things get better back home.

But what about the cows?

Granted,  their thick skins and fur help them survive all weathers pretty easily.  And if research is anything to go by, adult cows and even adult calves  have no issues with cold weather. They can create enough heat on their  own to survive the cold weather.

But for newborn calves, that is a  whole different story. They could even end up with frostbite and suffer  from hypothermia. It’s all because they lack the means to keep their  body temperature in check once they have been born.

Farmers have  risen up to the occasion and found a way to keep these cute furry  creatures warm and safe during the winter using cow muffs. Even if you have never heard of cow muffs before, believe me they are real.

But  what’s probably more noteworthy is that they are also so adorable.  Seeing a calf in these great accessories will melt your heart.

Recently,  a photo of a calf wearing pink cow muffs rocked the internet. And  looking at the calf in question, it is easy to understand why this was  the case.

The irresistible photo went on to get about 200,000  likes. And considering that the muffs help keep the calves from  frostbite, you will love them even more.

The irresistible photo went on to get about 200,000  likes. And considering that the muffs help keep the calves from  frostbite, you will love them even more.

This is an invention  unlike any other. In fact, while a few of them might be homemade by some  ingenious farmers, others are being sold in various markets.

For Holly Poad,  the moo muffs offered a way out after their farm lost their barn in a  fire and they needed to keep the calves warm during the severe cold and  prevent the possibility that the young animals would suffer from  frostbite.

Some improvisation is also welcome, and the results  are not less spectacular. For instance, someone found out that some  materials such as fleece would absorb a lot of water that would turn  into ice packs, making the problem the muffs were trying to prevent even  worse.

With that insight, today, we have moo muffs that are made  of a water-repellent material on the outside and warm fleece on the inside.

A lot of farmers have liked this new trend, and the Poads are getting moo muff orders right and left from people who want to keep their calves warm throughout the cold winter.

To make sure that they are always on, current designs feature bright  colors that make the calves easier to spot in case the Velcro straps  come off.

But all in all, moo muffs are both cute and functional, and there is no shortage of people going awww as soon as they see adorable calves donning these cute winter season accessories.

We are not sure what they will come up with next. Moo hats for the summer? Who knows.