Tyler Perry Pays Off More Than $430,000 In Layaways Ahead Of Christmas

Secret Santa’s are helping spread some holiday cheer!

Holidays are full of joy and spending time with family and friends.

Many of us have traditions of decorating trees, wonderful meals and tasty treats, driving around looking at holiday lights.

But as a kid I recall the biggest excitement was waiting to open gifts!!

As a single mom the biggest struggle in the back of my mind was money.

I would try and plan and save months in advance. I loved the stores that had a layaway.

Well on Thursday, Tyler Perry sprinkled some holiday cheer at two WalMart’s in the Atlanta area and paid $433,635  worth of layaway items off.

Perry said “God bless, go get your stuff, Merry Christmas.”

Perry mad Christmas for so many families.

Holidays are full of magic if you believe.

The video shared on social media showed the extent of animal distress as the heartless bullfighter killed the bull.

Bullfighting in Spain is proceeded by the Ministry of Education, Culture, and Sport. But the surprising thing is that no statistics on bull injuries are kept.

Let’s hope that Gervais awareness platform will draw more attention from the public and help influence a less brutal life to bull’s population.