Anthony Larson

Canadian Couple Faces Fierce Scorn After Sharing A Kissing Photo Behind A Dead Lion They Had Just Killed

A Canadian couple faces online backlash after posting a photo of themselves kissing behind a dead lion during a hunting trip in South Africa.

Costco Is Now Selling Cheese Wraps That Work As Low-Carb Tortillas

Forget about lettuce wraps, these low-carb tortillas from Costco are made of cheese and are delightful cheesy ways to enjoy your favorite sandwich.

There’s A Bee Species That Sleeps In Flowers And It’s As Cute As It Sounds

Can you imagine a cute fluffy bee covered in pollen, and curled up asleep in the petals of flowers?

Inside Terrifying, Haunted ‘Clown Motel’

A night at the Clown Motel will make you never want to sleep again. It’s a real-life place straight from your nightmares.

Religious Children Are Meaner Than Their Secular Counterparts, Study Finds

According to a recent study, children from religious families are less caring and more punishing than kids from non-religious households.

Man Takes Own Life Day After Service Dog Mauled To Death By Florida Alligator

A troubled man commits suicide one day after his beloved service dog was mauled to death by an alligator in Florida.

18 Before And After Photos That Show The Power Of Time

Right from your first smile to the day you get married, you can document and preserve every life stage and situation in your life.

Kate Hudson Reveals She's Raising Her Daughter Genderless

We live in a world where hearing about a pregnant transgender man is nothing to be shocked about. And it makes us question, is there a way we can make improvements to the way we raise kids today?