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Friends Cruelly Blast Mum For Going Out With A Full Face Of Make-up Four Days After Giving Birth

A new mother hits back at critics who ‘blasted’ her for going out with a face full of make-up, four days after giving birth.

Legendary Comic Tim Conway Dead At 85

Legendary comedian, Tim Conway, died on Tuesday 14 May 2019 at 8:45 am in Los Angeles. He was 85.

Doris Day, Hollywood Actress And Singer, Dies Aged 97

Doris Day, a Hollywood legend and a honey-voiced singer, whose dramas, films, musicals, and innocent romantic comedies made her a top star in the 1950s and 1960s has died. She was 97.

Canberra Man Who Conspired To Commit Bestiality With Convicted Killer Avoids Time Behind Bars

Despite pleading guilty in a bestiality case against him, a Canberra man will still avoid jail time. The sentence was issued by the ACT Supreme court.

Russo Brothers Suggest One Of The Current Marvel Characters Is Secretly Gay

Marvels studios will soon reveal the MCU character who's gay, Endgame directors the Russo brothers have disclosed.

Disney Confirm Release Of 8 Marvel Movies By End Of 2022, Including Guardians Of The Galaxy And Black Panther 2

Are you still in the post-Avengers Endgame world? Disney has revealed its upcoming movie slate for the next couple of years.

Study Proves Memories Of Music Cannot Be Lost To People With Alzheimer’s And Dementia

Music is known to possess capabilities to comfort, heal, move, or even motivate us. When we listen to favorite songs, we tend to remember the lyrics for a long time. A new study proves music memories can never be lost even if you suffer from Dementia or Alzheimer’s.

Earliest Evidence Of Ayahuasca Use Discovered In Ancient Shamanic Pouch In Bolivia

Indigenous people of South America have been practicing ayahuasca rituals for over 1,000 years, recent discoveries in Bolivia reveals.

Fans Spot Starbucks Cup On Table In New Game Of Thrones Episode

Those who enjoy a good quality coffee than drinking from a goblet seem to be well catered for on this historic land.

Bullfighter Gored In Face After Bull Knocks Her To Ground

This’s a horrific moment as a female bullfighter in Mexico has her cheeks, jaws, and eyes socket broken after she was gored on her face and then forced down against the wall by a half-ton bull.

20 Animal Facts That Made Us Go Awww

Did you know that you feel the same emotions animals have when they see each other? Or is it the other way around? Apparently, animals are a lot like us in their own unique ways.

Australia Is Airdropping Poison Sausages To Kill 2 Million Feral Cats

The government of Australia wants to kill over 2 million cats by 2020. It's planning to do so by airdropping poisonous sausages as baits.

Circuses Banned From Making Wild Animals Perform In UK

Circuses have a bad reputation for exploiting animals for financial gain. While at it, those in charge of these animals keep them in poor conditions, while milking every dollar they can off them.

11-Year-Old On Period Forced To Bleed Through Clothes Twice As Teachers Don't Let Her Use Washroom

At Cotham School, an eleven-year-old has been made to suffer incredible trauma after having to bleed through her clothes twice during her period.

Buy Dr. Pepper-Flavored Cotton Candy On Amazon

Long ago, you would enjoy a taste of cotton candy during the state fairs.

German Professor Who Is A Hardcore Star Wars Fan Has Just Repainted An Observatory Into R2-D2

Hubert Zitt, a German professor, is also a huge Star Wars fan. So much so that he is popular for giving lectures on Star Trek and Star Wars.

Some Psycho Invented Salad Lasagna and it Looks Awful

There are countless ways to make messed up dishes out there. This starts with sugar-free candy dentists give you as.a kid, awful gas-station seafood and other despicable meals worth forgetting. As if the list was not long enough already, someone has decided to add salad lasagna to the sickening collection.

Three-Eyed Snake Found In Northern Territory

Are you familiar with the concept of the third eye? That is more than likely. But what is particularly unlikely is that the religious concept can manifest itself physically in nature.

Mom Wears 4Kg On Herself To Avoid Thomas Cook Excess Baggage Charge

A woman was able to evade a £65 baggage charge while taking a Thomas Cook flight by wearing all her excess baggage on her.

Men Made Fun Of This Woman For Wearing A Bikini, But Instead of Covering Up, She Shut Them Down

Shelly has a lot of confidence. And although she might not fit society’s narrow definition of beauty, she is currently a strong inspiration for women who are made to feel uncomfortable in their own skins.