Elayna Skye

People Want A Reality Show Where Flat Earthers Hunt For The Edge Of The World

It is said that if you cannot beat them, you should join them; or, at least in the case of flat-earthers, indulge them.

Drunk Jack Frosties

Must try!

Netflix’s New Horror Show Is So Scary It’s Making People Pass Out

A lot of people are used to seeing pretty horrifying and gory things, including real-life snuff films that would make even the most hardened horror fans wretch their guts, but no one was ready for the new horror show that Netflix recently released.

Wine May Help You Live Over 90 Years Old

You can live longer wIth... Wine?

Applebee's Dollar Zombies Are Available All Through October — Here's What They Taste Like

October is the month of spook. Everyone is hyped up with setting up ghoulish decorations. Stores have all come up with their Halloween themes, and it seems that Applebee’s is joining in! Applebee’s is offering us a dollar drink of the month for October, and it's called the Dollar Zombie.