Hope Marshall

Three-Year-Old Boy Killed In Mosque Terror Attack As He Tried To Run Away

At least 49 people lost their lives as dozens more suffered injuries following shootings at two mosques in Christchurch on March 15.

You Can Anonymously Send Someone A Chocolate Dick

Do you have someone you think they ought to know that they are, well, a dick?

Justin And Hailey Are In Love And Happily Married, It Was Not Easy

Justin Bieber claims he is a changed man. That now that he is a married man, a life of blatant excesses and late nights of partying are all behind him.

These Gigantic Pool Floats Fit Up To Six People

We agree. Inflatables look fun and cool; especially now that they can look like giant birds gliding over the water. But they have been too small if the new standards are anything to go by since they can fit only two people at a time.

N.C. 1-Year-Old Killed By Her Family's Pit Bull

A sheriff’s office based in North Carolina received a strange call concerning a dog attack.