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Manhunt On As Woman Tries To Abduct Four-Year Old Child From McDonald’s

A manhunt is on after a mystery woman tried snatching a 4-year-old boy from McDonald’s restaurant in Los Angeles.

Guy Arrives In Amsterdam To Discover His Airbnb Is A Shipping Container

Airbnb can be an excellent way to explore new cities during your vacation while giving you a great place to spend your night at a decent price. But sometimes what you pay for through an accommodation advert isn’t what it seems.

Koalas Are Now ‘Functionally’ Extinct

Koalas population has declined so low across Australia such that the species are now ‘functionally extinct,’ animal activists believe.

Ricky Gervais Calls Matador Who Wiped Tears From Bull He Killed A ‘Sequinned C*nt’

Ricky Gervais, an animal rights activist, has criticized a Spanish matador who wiped tears and blood from a bull’s face before killing it. He described the bullfighter as a “sequinned c*nt.”

‘Game Of Thrones’ Fans Say Episode 5 Has Ruined The Entire Show

Caution: “just a whole bunch of spoilers of season 8, episode 5 of Game of Thrones ahead!”

'Dead To Me’ Is Netflix’s Next Big Hit, And Everyone Is Watching

One of the great things we’ve learned from the internet is that, when you hear people talking of a trending Netflix show, chances are that it’s pretty good. And today, Dead To Me is the newest Netflix hit which everyone is watching.

Grandma Sends Huge Invoice After Her Granddaughter’s Visit

Having good grandparents is a blessing. They’ll help us with our kids and never ask anything in return. But there’s a Grandma who sent an enormous invoice to her daughter for babysitting her granddaughter.

Woman Shares Painful Last Texts She Got From A Friend Moments Before He Took His Own Life

Many people don’t reach out when they are undergoing serious mental issues. And that is because society has stigmatized them by labeling them as ‘dangerous.’

Paedophile Baby Rapist Found Dead In His Cell After Inmates Took Contracts Out On Him

One of the most notorious pedophiles, who was part of a gang that drugged and raped children, has been found dead. This was after rumors that his inmates had taken “contracts” out of him.

Savage Bride Reads Fiancé’s Affair Text Messages Instead Of Vows At Wedding

Most women understand that the days before your wedding day will fill you with endless anxiety. You feel excited, incredible, and stressful at the same time.

Amazon Is Selling An Avocado-Shaped Pool Float With A Removable Pit

Apparently, millennials famously love their avocados. So much so that Amazon has decided to cash in on the craze.

China's Hospitals Hid One Of The World's Darkest Secrets

With the progressing world, with every passing minute, we are advancing in technological aspects. We invent new innovative every day and the Global village as it is rightly said is crazily exciting but terrifying at the same time. But technological advancement is just one side of the story. We are upgrading in terms of horror and crime with every passing day as well.

Meet The Armadillo Lizard: Planet Earth's Real-Life Mini-Dragon

The armadillo lizard is as rare as it is unique. This special combination of factors has predictably made this species threatened.

Celine Dion Says 'Leave Me Alone' After Being Body Shamed For New, Slimmer Look

World-famous songbird has had enough of people voicing their discontent with her new slimmer look.

Big Game Hunter Trampled To Death By Elephant He Was Preparing To Shoot

When Jose Monzalvez set out to shoot at a heard of elephants in Namibia, he did not imagine that he would be the one to end up dead.

Cops Claim That Mice Ate A Half TON of Marijuana In The Evidence Room

When over a ton of marijuana went missing from a police evidence room, some questions had to be asked and answered.