Lowell Parr

Teenage Girl Knocked Unconscious In The Street After Telling A Man Who Was Following Her: ‘I’m Sorry, I’m Not Interested’

A teenage girl was punched unconscious after she told a man who was following her: “I’m sorry, I’m not interested.”

These Denim Panties Are The Worst Idea Fashion Has Had In A Long Time, And The Internet Is Losing It

Almost everyone knows that one of the purposes of fashion is to break the rules, allowing new trends. But these ‘jeans,’ shaped like underwear, are taking thing too far.

Mountain Dew Will Be Releasing A Mystery Halloween Flavor In August

Are you thirsty for a Halloween treat? Mountain Dew “VooDew” Mystery flavor will be hitting shelves in August 2019.

Over 470,000 Alien Enthusiasts Sign Up To ‘Storm Area 51,’ To Uncover The Truth

Bored by the conspiracy theories, a large group of people, all alien enthusiasts, have pledged to meet up and uncover the secrets of “Area 51.”

Perth Mum Convicted For Smacking Her Daughter With A Wooden Spoon

Mother faces court after punishing her daughter with a wooden spoon when the girl ate a burger that was meant for dogs.

Artist Recreates All The Disney Princes, Turns Them Into Keanu Reeves

An LA-based artist reimagines Keanu Reeves as Disney princes, and she absolutely nailed it.

Mom Warns About Sunscreen After 14-Month-Old Daughter Ends Up In ER

A mother is warning other parents after her 14-year-old daughter suffered second-degree burns after using an aerosol sunscreen.

Wendy’s Is Bringing Back Spicy Chicken Nuggets This August

To all those who care about spicy chicken nuggets as much as I do, mark your calendars. Wendy’s will carry on the glorious, hot tasty nuggets once again in August.

Researcher Hopes To Create A ‘Stress Vaccine’ To Help With Anxiety And PTSD

This scientist might be a step closer to developing a “stress vaccine” that could reduce stressful reactions and heal Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Beverly Hills Becomes First US City To Ban Sale Of Tobacco Products

Smokers beware: The sale of tobacco products will soon be banned in Beverly Hills, California.

The First Thing You See In This Photo Will Reveal Hidden Truths In Your Personality

This picture is more than what you see. It’s made of three illusion elements, and whichever aspect you spot first will reveal your personality.

16 Awesome Hotels That Know How To Make Their Guests Happy

One of the best secrets of getting happy customers who rave about your hotel is setting the right customer expectations.

McDonald’s Scraps Plastic Lids From McFlurry Packaging

McDonald’s to remove plastic lids from all McFlurry as of September in a push to be more environmentally friendly.

You Can Relax On A Hammock-Like Net Suspended Over A Cliff Out In This Colombian Hotel Room

The most exciting thing about traveling is going to unique places or doing things you’ve never done in your entire life. And Refugio La Roca Columbia is a breathtaking getaway that lets you relax on a suspended net off a cliff.

Fury Over New Nike Trainers For Women That ‘Look Like An Iron’

Social media users let off steam as Nike unveils a new women’s trainer design that resembles an "iron!."

Jessica Biel Is An Anti-Vaxxer Now (According To The Internet)

Actress Jessica Biel has been labeled an “anti-vaxxer” on social media for taking Instagram photos with an environmental activist and a vaccination opponent Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Man Builds Dream Home Over A Pond So He Can Fish From A Hole In His Living Room Floor

A man from Oklahoma build his dream home over a pond so he could fish from the comfort of his house, and everyone is fascinated by his idea.

Jack Daniels Cupcakes

In an effort to add booze to every dessert possible, here’s my recipe for whiskey-infused chocolate cupcakes.

Bus Driver, 47, Called A ‘Paedo’ For Dating Mate’s 16-Year-Old Daughter

A 47-year-old bus driver was branded a ‘paedo’ after falling in love with his friend’s 16-years-old daughter.

450 German Shepherds Rescued From Extreme Hoarding Situation

An extreme hoarder was found in possession of 450 German Shepherds.