Richard G. Hartley

The Titanic II Will Set Sail In 2022 - Will You Be On Board?

A replica of the infamous ship, the Titanic II, is set to make its first voyage in 2022, and its construction has resumed after a financial crisis that delayed the $500 million projects for a couple of years.

Fish Pedicure Costs Woman Her Toes

Fish pedicures have been banned in some places, and for two main reasons – they are health hazards, and they are abusive to the poor creatures involved.

This Guy Won’t Stop Photoshopping Himself Into Kendall Jenner’s Photos And It Makes Them 10 Times Better

The friendship between the twins Kirby Jenner and Kendall Jenner is unique. But you could say it complicated as it only exists in pictures.

21 Year Old Lands $93K Hospital Bill After Surviving Suicide Attempt

When 21-year-old legal assistant survived a suicide attempt, the worst was not over. Over the week the youngster, Oliver, spent in the hospital recovering from the injuries he got from the suicide attempt, he ended up raking up bills worth $93,000.

Meet Elvis Presley's Grown-Up Grandson, Who Looks Just Like His Legendary Grandfather

He may be long gone, but his music boldly lives on; and now, so does his physical form through this grandson, who looks a lot like him.

Husband Doesn’t Return Home After Afghanistan, Wife Opens His Laptop After His Funeral And Finds File Hidden From Her

Todd Weaver lost his life to an IED during his second tour of Afghanistan in the year 2010. He was only 26.

This Company Will Turn Your Kids' Artwork Into Awesome Jewellery You Can Treasure Forever

Kids have wild imaginations, and they often bring them to life through art.

Study On 657,461 Children Finds No Link Between Vaccines And Autism

A massive study involving 657,461 children has found that vaccination is not related to autism cases in children as many people wrongly believe.

Nurses Lose Jobs After Video Showing Them Abusing A Baby Go Viral

When you hear of nurses, you think about long hours, selfless sacrifice, and professionals who often go beyond the call of duty to save lives and alleviate human suffering. Nurses are highly respected, and mothers even entrust their newborns to them as soon as they are born.

Lunch Lady Starts Writing Messages On Bananas, And The School Responds

As a parent or guardian, you probably know that motivating your children will help them become all they can be in the future.

Internet Discovers That A Phallic-Looking “Penis Flytrap” Exists In Remote Forests

Photos of a phallic-looking plant are circulating on the web. So similar is this plant to the male sexual anatomy that the picture is captioned as a “penis flytrap.”