Saniyah Daniels

A Man Collected Thousands Of Beer Caps For 5 Years To Redo His Kitchen

Can you remodel your kitchen with bottle caps? A guy on Imgur named Chris thought so, and he even posted pictures of his work on the internet for all to see.

Guy Spends $4000 On Giant Statue To Give His Town The Middle Finger

Many of us do not like where we live. However, we only chat about it or complain online. One guy took the dislike for his town to a whole new level.

Woman Adopts Old Dog From Shelter, Finds Out It’s Her Childhood Puppy

Nicole Grimes, a lady residing in Pennsylvania was searching for a dog to adopt, and like most of us would, she went through Facebook to see what the shelters in her area were offering.

Dean Martin’s Daughter Says She Will Continue To Sing ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ After It Was Pulled From The Radio

Although “Baby It’s Cold Outside” might not be receiving a rosy reception nowadays, Deana Martin, the daughter of Dean Martin says that its removal from radio stations won't deter her from singing it.

Miley Cyrus Confesses To Bullying Hailey Baldwin As A Kid

Suprise guest, Miley Cyrus speaks of her childhood bullying on Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin Carpool Karaoke episode.

Paris Hilton Breaks Down In Tears As She Says Her Sex Tape Release Was Like ‘Being Raped’

Paris Hilton, the 37-year old Hilton Chain of Hotels heiress, shed tears as she talked about the explicit video that made her famous.

10 Mismatched Celeb Couples Of 2018 We Still Don't Understand (& 10 We Can't Get Enough Of)

We have many new celeb couples in 2018, even though love is blind, some are just a total mismatch, and we can't understand how they met.

'Friends' Is Leaving Netflix And Viewers Are Absolutely Devastated

Rumor has it an all time favorite sitcom, 'Friends' will be removed from netflix. WTF!

Kelsey Merritt Is Basically Neighbors With Harry Styles And Taylor Swift Now

I guess Tribeca is the place you want to buy an apartment in if you want to be neighbors with celebrities.

Ken Berry Dead: ‘F Troop’ And ‘Mama’s Family’ Star Was 85

It is with great sadness that we share the death of Ken Berry. The rubber-legged author always electrified his viewers with his stunning performances on TV as the blundering Captain.

Celebrities Kiss Their Kids On The Lips In Support Of David Beckham

There are tons of things that should be debated, but should kissing your own kids on the lips be one of them?

Hugh Jackman Announces World Tour Performing Greatest Showman Tracks

After a brief break in his career, Hugh Jackman is setting out to do something completely different for the very first time. Last week, he announced his comeback with a world tour in 2019, where he will be performing the tracks from the Greatest Showman and his other super hit movies.

French Kids Don't Have ADHD—Here's Why

Studies have shown that the percentage of children who have been diagnosed and medicated for ADHD Condition in France is below 5%. This is the lowest percentage compared to other developed nations such as the USA that has 9%.

Woman's Engagement Photo Go Viral After She Uses Cousin's Hand In Pictures

Whether you are college sweethearts or met through a friend and somehow found love, if it's time to make it stick, you need to prepare, right?

Will Smith And Martin Lawrence Announce ‘Bad Boys 3’ In Facebook Video: ‘It’s Official!’

Every year, millions of movies are released all around the globe. These movies are meant to entertain us, thrill us, scare us, and so much more. However, out of the millions of movies released, few are accepted by the masses. These movies are receipted globally and go ahead to set precedence in society.

Horror Film Has To Be Re-edited Because Test Audience Couldn’t Stop Screaming

A large number of people in our society love watching horror movies. They watch them to relax their minds in their free time from work or while with friends and lovers. However, the content of these films has become an issue of concern to many people.

As If! Clueless Is Getting A Remake 23 Years After The Original Hit Theaters

To all the lovers of Clueless, here’s some juicy news for you.

Stop Praising Demi While Judging Every Other Addict Around You

It is estimated that around 115 people overdose on opioids in the United States alone every single day. The most recent incident of hospitalization was Demi Lovato. She was still struggling with her addiction when this happened.

Keanu Reeves Has Been Keeping A Secret For Years, And It’s Important That Everyone Hears It

I have no doubt that you will love him all the more for what I’m about to spill.

Truths And Secrets About Terrifying Hauntings

The term “negative haunting” is not a strange phrase, but it’s good to know how you can avoid bringing negative forces to yourself. What is the solution if you perceive there are evil spirits in your home?