Grumpy Cat Has Passed Away At The Age Of Seven

Instagram sensation Grumpy Cat has passed away, her owners have confirmed.

Koalas Are Now ‘Functionally’ Extinct

Koalas population has declined so low across Australia such that the species are now ‘functionally extinct,’ animal activists believe.

Russo Blogger Nearly Has Her Face Sucked Off By Octopus After Trying To Eat It On Camera

This week, a Chinese live-streaming host has been left horror-struck as she tried filming herself eating an octopus while it was still alive.

Bullfighter Gored In Face After Bull Knocks Her To Ground

This’s a horrific moment as a female bullfighter in Mexico has her cheeks, jaws, and eyes socket broken after she was gored on her face and then forced down against the wall by a half-ton bull.

20 Animal Facts That Made Us Go Awww

Did you know that you feel the same emotions animals have when they see each other? Or is it the other way around? Apparently, animals are a lot like us in their own unique ways.

Australia Is Airdropping Poison Sausages To Kill 2 Million Feral Cats

The government of Australia wants to kill over 2 million cats by 2020. It's planning to do so by airdropping poisonous sausages as baits.

Circuses Banned From Making Wild Animals Perform In UK

Circuses have a bad reputation for exploiting animals for financial gain. While at it, those in charge of these animals keep them in poor conditions, while milking every dollar they can off them.

Three-Eyed Snake Found In Northern Territory

Are you familiar with the concept of the third eye? That is more than likely. But what is particularly unlikely is that the religious concept can manifest itself physically in nature.

Antarctica’s Second Largest Emperor Penguin Colony Has Disappeared

The ice is declining, and this is the reason experts believe that no emperor penguin chicks have survived the deadly event.

Meet The Armadillo Lizard: Planet Earth's Real-Life Mini-Dragon

The armadillo lizard is as rare as it is unique. This special combination of factors has predictably made this species threatened.

Gorillas Pose For Selfie With Anti Poaching Rangers

A lot of us need to up our selfie game. But now, you can take lessons from gorillas, whose cool majestic poses have taken the Internet by storm.

Big Game Hunter Trampled To Death By Elephant He Was Preparing To Shoot

When Jose Monzalvez set out to shoot at a heard of elephants in Namibia, he did not imagine that he would be the one to end up dead.

Photographer Captures Owl Looking After Duckling

Just when you think you have nature figured out, it throws another surprise right in your face.

Cops Claim That Mice Ate A Half TON of Marijuana In The Evidence Room

When over a ton of marijuana went missing from a police evidence room, some questions had to be asked and answered.

Thai Oil Rig Workers Rescue Dog Found Swimming 135 Miles Offshore

A bunch of oil rig workers who found a dog swimming 135 miles offshore in the Gulf of Thailand.

This Photographer Captures The Emotional Final Moments Between Pets And Their Owners

In a photography series known as "Last Moments", Ross Taylor captures the last special moments between pets and their owners.

Orangutan Mom Is Finally Reunited With Her Kidnapped Child And Her Reaction Has Us Crying

When Clara was finally reunited with her kidnapped baby, it was an emotional moment for us all.

Science Confirms That Dogs Can Recognize A Bad Person

Choosing between a dog and a cat as a pet of your choice can be an uphill task, especially if you have a special liking for them both.