15-Year-Old Suing Parents Who Set Up CCTV To Stop Him Masturbating

A teenager is intending to sue his parents after they installed CCTV cameras in his bedroom and bathroom to stop him from masturbating.

Grandma Sends Huge Invoice After Her Granddaughter’s Visit

Having good grandparents is a blessing. They’ll help us with our kids and never ask anything in return. But there’s a Grandma who sent an enormous invoice to her daughter for babysitting her granddaughter.

Savage Bride Reads Fiancé’s Affair Text Messages Instead Of Vows At Wedding

Most women understand that the days before your wedding day will fill you with endless anxiety. You feel excited, incredible, and stressful at the same time.

Study Shows Women Start Turning Into Their Moms At 33, So Prepare Yourself!

Behaving like your mom is something many young women swear they’ll never do. But according to recent research by Dr. Juliana De Silva, a Harley Street surgeon, mimicking your mother is something you can’t avoid.

Kate Hudson Reveals She's Raising Her Daughter Genderless

We live in a world where hearing about a pregnant transgender man is nothing to be shocked about. And it makes us question, is there a way we can make improvements to the way we raise kids today?

Meet The Mom Who Wants To Breastfeed Her 5-Year-Old Daughter And Younger Son Until They Are 10, Yay Or Nay

Despite these claims, there’re those who are put off by the idea of breastfeeding, especially in public places. They even jump on board when they see or hear a mother feeding a kid who’s above 5 years. Some consider it as “socially unacceptable.”

13-Year-Old Boy Sells Xbox, Does Yard Work To Buy His Single Mom A Car

It was a complete shock for a Nevada single mom when her 13-year-old son gifted her a car. Nobody would have expected such a gift from such a young boy.

Science Proves That Daughters Who Were Nagged By Their Moms Are More Successful

Being a mom is just about the hardest job in the entire world. You spend each and every waking hour worrying if you are doing the right things to raise them. But there’s actually good news for the nagging that you did.

Man’s Post About His Ex-Wife’s New Engagement Photos Goes Viral For All The Right Reasons

Divorces can be pretty hard on families and individuals when they happen.

Newly-Engaged Couple Thank NYPD For Recovering Their Lost Engagement Ring

Daniella Anthony and John Drennan will soon to be reunited with their engagement ring thanks to the awesome effort by NYPD.

Woman's Engagement Photo Go Viral After She Uses Cousin's Hand In Pictures

Whether you are college sweethearts or met through a friend and somehow found love, if it's time to make it stick, you need to prepare, right?

After Her Husband Died Unexpectedly, Wife Puts Up A Sign On Her Lawn. Garbage Men Stop To Tell Her The Truth

After her husband passed away, a widow from NJ decides it was her duty to carry on her husband’s legacy. Now her efforts are going viral and gaining national attention.