People Who Can Make A Good Cup Of Tea Are More Attractive, Study Finds

A cup of tea can either make or break your relationship, a new study reveals.

Buy Dr. Pepper-Flavored Cotton Candy On Amazon

Long ago, you would enjoy a taste of cotton candy during the state fairs.

Some Psycho Invented Salad Lasagna and it Looks Awful

There are countless ways to make messed up dishes out there. This starts with sugar-free candy dentists give you as.a kid, awful gas-station seafood and other despicable meals worth forgetting. As if the list was not long enough already, someone has decided to add salad lasagna to the sickening collection.

This Restaurant Replaces Bread With Pickles For The Sandwich Of Your Dreams

Pickles are delicious vegetables. You can add them on a perfectly-prepared sandwich, pile a significant amount of it on your bugger or eat it from the jar.

The Blue Java Banana: A 'Vanilla Ice Cream' Tasting Banana

The Blue Java banana is unique among the most incredible fruits throughout the world.

You Can Anonymously Send Someone A Chocolate Dick

Do you have someone you think they ought to know that they are, well, a dick?

Häagen-Dazs Unveils Brand New Alcoholic Ice Cream

When you want and or need the comfort of a glass of wine or bowl of ice cream and want to indulge in something. Which one do I want? Well, fret no more because thanks to Häagen-Dazs' brand new Franken-cream creation, you can now enjoy both at the same time.

Study Shows That French Fries Are Actually Healthier For You Than Salad

Eating healthy is not easy, especially if you're trying to lose weight or drastically change your lifestyle for the better. But with this sometimes difficult lifestyle change, many of us strive as much as possible to consume a nutritious and balanced meal.

Holiday Apple Pie Sangria

For most of us, we often associate apple pie with the holidays.

Cranberry Jell-O Shots

Jello shots always make for a fun time. Usually, most people associate jello shots with the summer so here is a fantastic way to make them festive for the holidays.

Drunk Jack Frosties

Must try!

Good Reasons You Should Eat An Entire Avocado Every Day

I realized that tasteless food that we eat are usually the foods that are healthier than the tasty ones.

Do You Love Or Loathe Coffee? Your Genes May Be To Blame

Your genetic variation may have a thing to do with your love or hate for coffee.

Cadbury Announces Plans For Full-Sized Oreo Creme Egg

They never failed to release new ideas since the year 1824 at 93 Bull Street when Mr. Cadbury opened his first store.

Target's Cheese Advent Calendar Includes 24 Mini Cheeses In Varieties That Will Make You Swoon

If you are in love with a treat of cheese, then get ready for celebration because Target is bringing a $20 cheese advent calendar this holiday season.

Buffalo Wild Wings Launched A BBQ Pumpkin Sauce Flavor For A Limited Time

For most people, it's easier to access various drinks and snacks with a pumpkin flavor in cafes than it is in fast-casual chains. Now, things are changing thanks to the delicious snack provided by Buffalo Wild Wings that is buffalo wing.

Trick Oreo Treat At Baskin Robbins Is Back As The October Flavor Of The Month

Oreo Cookies N’ Cream is one of the standard favorites at Baskin Robbins ice cream stores throughout the country.